Time is short and escape is vital but are enough staff available?

Fire Crest Fire Protection offer a range of evacuation chairs…

Evacuation Chair 3With the unique SOLOGo™ technology, evacuation can be affected quickly with just one assistant!

  • easy transfer with correct height integral supportive seat
  • built in safety with 150kg capacity and braked wheels
  • passenger comfort and stability with incorporated foot rest
  • instant use wheels – all four, already in position, for corridors and landings (versa & elite)
  • Easy use S
  • OLOGo™ concept product with no kick stand to deploy

Evacuation Chair


Evacuation Chair 2

Exit master chair chart


exit MASTER ego!




  • Easy to open, load and travel downstairs
  • totally new concept – 2 wheel SOLOGo™ solution
  • excellent value and easy to use
  • amazing stability when loading
  • extra slim when stored
  • autobrakes on wheels, when folded
  • comfortable and supportive seat in level position for easy loading

ego pdf coverPrices from £475 +VAT
Click image to download Ego product information sheet.

Technical InformationCode EME
Capacity 150kg (24st)
Stair Angle 28-42º
Weight 13.5kg
Landing Size: 75 x 75cm min
(30 x 30”)
Dimensions H141 x W50 x D22cm
Stored: (H56” x W20” x D9”)Package Includes
Wall Mounting BracketOptional extras
Fitted Cover
exitMaster versaCapture2versa_evacuation_chair Benefits

  • Instant deployment onto 4 wheels,
  • Travels well on landings, corridors and downstairs
  • advanced belt guide system ensures smooth travel
  • level supportive seat for comfort and easy transfer
  • safety brakes on rear wheels
  • sturdy high capacity frame
  • comfort footrest

versa pdf coverPrices from £748 + VAT

Click image to download Versa product information sheet.

Technical InformationCode EV150
Capacity 150kg (24st)
Stair Angle 28-42º
Weight 14.7kg
Landing Size: 80 x 80cm min
(32 x 32”)
Dimensions H104 x W50 x D29cm
Stored: (H41” x W20” x D11”)Package Includes
Operation Handbook
Fitted Cover
Wall Mounting Bracket

exitMASTER elite


BenefitsAll the benefits of the Versa, plus:

  • comfort padded seat & arm rests
  • enhanced headrest with head band
  • integral 4 point harness
  • comfort hand grips
  • can be carried upstairs
  • doubles as transit chair

Prices from £958.60 + VAT

Technical InformationCode EMVE
Capacity 150kg (24st)
Stair Angle 28-42º
Weight 17.3kg
Landing Size: 90 x 90cm min
(35 x 35”)
Dimensions H104 x W52 x D30cm
Stored: (H41” x W20” x D12”)Package Includes
Operation Handbook
Fitted Cover
Wall Mounting Bracket


Call 01209 831417 to order!

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