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At Mike Westlake Fire Protection we supply a range of Everlux Photoluminescent safety signs.

To view the complete range of safety signs we offer please click on the Everlux brochure to opposite.

How to order

All Everlux signs have a unique 5 digit code. To order you need to indicate the following:

1 – The product code

2- The size (mm)

3- The type of sign (see page 12 on the Everlux brochure). If no sign type is specified then a Type 1 sign will be supplied by default.

To order please call Mike Westlake Fire Protection on 01726 67372.


The Signs That We Offer

All of the signs we provide are photo-luminous and conform to the Health & Safety Regulations.

Escape Route Signs

It is necessary to make sure that from any given point within a building, people have clear directional guidance on how to reach a place of safety. These instructions are given by using standard evacuation signs along the evacuation route.

The evacuation safety system is compromised of signs positioned above doors and signs indicating all changes of direction along an evacuation route. It is essential that when reaching a sign people can already see the next one and continue that way until the final exit.

All escape route signs should be installed between 1.8m and 2.5m from floor level to the base of the sign.

Below are a few examples of the Emergency Escape Route Signs that we can provide. For our full range please see the Everlux brochure above.

80515 80381 80 003




Fire Safety Signs

These should be selected and installed in a way that guarantees their visibility from any point within a building. In case of fire it is essential that fire-fighting equipment is readily available to be used as a first response. For this reason such equipment needs to be identified quickly and easily. Permanent signs must be used at all times and placed at the location of each piece of equipment and at the correct height of 1.8m to 2.5m (or even higher depending on the viewing distance or due to intermediate objects hindering visibility).

In situations where fire fighting equipment and location signs are not clearly visible another sign is required to identify the location of the equipment.

This ensures prompt and easy identification of this type of equipment.

Identical signs should also be placed directly above the equipment as this will also help to identify what type of extinguisher to use.

Below are a few examples of the Fire Safety Signs that we can provide. For our full range please see the Everlux brochure above.

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Health & Safety Signs

When identifying different levels of risk, these signs must be positioned to clearly identify the nature and the location of hazards.

In all situations where certain actions or behaviour can be dangerous or cause risk. Prohibition signs must be used in order to reduce the risks associated with this type of behaviour.

Using the correct Hazard signs in the right locations will reduce the number of dangerous incidents and the risk of accidents. Special attention should be given to placing the signs in a clear and visible location before encountering the hazard. Signs also need to be as near as possible to the risk areas. For example: In an area where fork-lift trucks operate, signs should be placed on all of the doors leading into this area as well as positioning other complementary signs at a higher level.

To ensure the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or to indicate that a specific course of action is to be taken mandatory signs must be used.

Below are a few examples of the Health & Signs that we can provide. For our full range please see the Everlux brochure above.

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Prohibition Signs

Below are a few examples of the Prohibition Signs that we can provide. For our full range please see the Everlux brochure above.

84451 84551 84552




Viewing distances

The size of the sign is chosen according to the maximum viewing distance and the layout of the premises. However, the viewing distance at which a sign of particular size is conspicuous and comprehensible depends on the sign category, illumination factors and level of detail.

Viewing distances (according to BS ISO 3864-1: 2011)- Fire equipment and sign categories.

Viewing distances (according to BS 5499-4:2000)- Escape route signs.

Viewing distances



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