What Is Fire Awareness Training

By taking part in a Fire Awareness Training session, you will be taught a number of key fire safety elements. 

You will learn the correct action to take in the event of a fire, what fire actually is, its causes and how to control it. Also, the safety duties and procedures that have to take place and the fire related regulations and laws. Fire detection is clearly a crucial aspect of saving lives, belongings and money, so you will learn about the best ways to detect and prevent fire as much as possible. You will be informed about the basic concepts and classifcation of fire. In the presence of a fire, it is vital that the correct fire extinguisher is used in a specific situation, so you will be taught about EN2 portable fire extinguisher colour coding, so you can choose the applicable extinguisher as fast as possible. We will teach you many principles during the training such as the principals of portable fire extinguishers and for fire evacuation.

Attending Fire Awareness Training would be a highly beneficial decision, to make sure the correct actions are taken in the event of a fire. With this knowledge, there will be less deaths, injuries and money wasted on repairs.

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