Fully BAFE and ISO 9001 approved for the Contract Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers,  both the company AND our engineers are registered BAFE approved. All you need for commercial insurance compliance and to prove competency under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.

Free call outs, once on a service agreement we don’t charge a call out charge for any interim service visits for refills.

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Mike Westlake Fire Protection takes pride in offering an excellent often same day local service.

Our supply and install includes:

  • Delivery
  • Reputable extinguisher brands with easy access to spare parts and refills in the future.
  • Commissioning service at the point of use by a BAFE approved insurance approved technician engineer to BS 5306 Pt3.
  • Professional overview and placement of the extinguishers to BS 5306 Pt8
  • Wall mount at the correct height and position to British Standards 5306 Pt8
  • Our company professional indemnity cover.
  • Certification of the installation and extinguishers.
  • Five year warranty
  • Follow on service contract for future maintenance by professionally trained “competent persons”


extinguisher usage chart

Click here to view our Full Extinguisher Usage PDF.


We offer competitive prices upon:

– Fire extinguisher service and refill

– Fire extinguisher supply

– Photo luminescent signs

– Fire blankets

– Ancillary fire protection products


Full Service of Fire Extinguishers includes:

  • Check safety clip, pins and/or other safety indicating device
  • Check the pressure indicating device and perform a test to confirm internal body pressure and reseal
  • External examination for dents, gouges or other damage
  • Weigh the extinguisher to check against manufacturer’s weight and previous service recorded weight
  • Check operating instructions
  • Where required on non stored pressure equipment, internally examine media contents
  • Check pressure charges
  • Where required on non stored pressure equipment, check head operating mechanism
  • Clean, lubricate and reassemble, replace any o’rings, seals as required by the manufacturer’s instructions and /or British standards
  • Check any hose’s for full flow
  • Reassemble and reseal
  • Update the maintenance label
  • Inspect the wall mounting bracket and correct any problems
  • Complete inspection report
  • Provide a verbal and written debrief of any important issues to the available responsible person
  • Provide a certificate of inspection to BS 5306 Pt3 2009
  • Provide an equipment list


Capture Extinguisher Pt3 Servicing

Were possible we also report on any inconsistency of fire cover to BS 5306 Pt8 and report on the extinguisher wall signs.

BS 5306 Pt3 2009 (6.2) Extended Maintenance Intervals:

Water & Water with Additives – Every Five Years

Foam & Foam Spray – Every Five Years

Wet Chemical – Every Five Years

Carbon Dioxide – Every Ten Years

Dry Powder – Every Five Years

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