Practical Extinguisher Use On Live Fires

Fire Extinguisher Training: We have a gas powered live fire-training rig allowing your staff to experience the real use of extinguishers in a situation that could arise. All members attending will have the opportunity to use Water, Foam and Carbon Dioxide extinguishers to give them an overview of uses and appropriateness in specific situations. We will demonstrate the use of a Dry Powder extinguisher.

Powerpoint Presentation and Talk that covers:

  1. IntroductionS0156820
  2. Reasons and importance of training
  3. Basic fire related statistics
  4. Triangle of fire
  5. Classification of fire and relevant EN3 symbols
  6. Explanation of the European EN3 colour coding
  7. Types of extinguishers and inteded uses
  8. Performance ratings
  9. Different manufactures operation methods
  10. Safe operation of extinguishers
  11. Good housekeeping and general do’s and don’ts
Appropriate videos will be shown throughout the presentation
The approximate duration is 3 hours


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