Fire log books are vital elements of fire safety. Every fire related procedure that takes place, either by us or you, needs to be inputted into the log book, to prove compliance to regulations. Whether it is monthly emergency light checks, or annual fire extinguisher servicing, everything has to be logged.

Log books can be used by the Police and Fire Brigade as evidence of procedures that have taken place, or procedures that haven’t.

We can provide a fire log book and a document box to store it in (prices at bottom of page). Keeping documents such as log books; building plans and various instructions is a great help for our engineers and the Fire Brigade as they can be found sooner, saving time and money.


Document Box – £38.50 + VATLog Book – £9.95 + VATIf you are struggling, or can’t execute a weekly check on any equipment, we can provide that service.

If you are interested in a log book or document box; the weekly servicing that we can provide or would like a discussion any of these topics, please call – 01726 67372

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