Essential fire training for business professionals and staff

In a modern business environment, we all recognise the need for constant training, not least when it’s a mandatory health and safety requirement; we aim to deliver certificated training that provides best practice and maximum protection to your customers, your staff and your business.


Accidents happen, even the best-trained people make mistakes, in event of the simplest of small fires the Fire Brigade will initiate a full inspection of both the property and the fire management procedures in place. This is where an investment in fire wardens training really pays off; under the inspection you are able to demonstrate modern clinical fire management that complies with the requirements of the latest legislation. Real peace of mind!

Why choose us?

We have worked with in Cornwall for nearly twenty years, during that time we have been favoured with the business of nearly 4000 contracted customers including some of the largest high profile named companies, providing a range of services from full top quality fire risk assessments and fire management consultants, fire extinguisher service, fire alarm design, installation, commissioning and maintenance, a range of fire training courses and a range of all types of fire related products.

What’s covered?


Learning objectives; by the end of the course, delegates should:

• Be aware of key fire safety duties under the law.

• Be able to recognise habitual human behaviour in a fire situation.

• Know the typical role of a fire warden in relation to workplace fire safety.

• Be able to state the basic principles of risk assessment.

• Be aware of how to prevent fire or limit its impact.

• Be able to state the common modes of building evacuation.

• Recognise the need for fire drills and pre-planning for fire.

• Recognise active and passive fire safety features and facilities.

• Be able to identify and use a range of portable fire extinguishers.

A certificated test will be held at the end of the course with handouts and applicable certificates.

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