A new Independent Fire Engineering & Distributors Association (IFEDA) members survey has provided some alarming findings about the risks of fire extinguishers not working correctly.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents stated that they were now encountering extinguishers that had been procured by online methods. In the vast majority of instances this equipment had been placed into positions of usage many months with increased potential for incorrect extinguishers being used on fires and danger of injury to potential users of the equipment.

In almost 80% of cases it was found that extinguishers purchased via online sources were installed into buildings without receiving the required ‘commissioning service’ as specified by British Standards.

Examples of common errors included:
– extinguishers placed into ready to use locations by untrained persons without discharge hoses fitted;
– inappropriate extinguishers placed in areas to cover the risks present; – carbon dioxide extinguishers placed into service without diffuser horns being correctly secured.

For more information see: www.fire-magazine.com

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