Exercise your ‘Duty of Care’ with Weekly Service Checks

A ‘competent person’ (qualified engineer) or a ‘responsible person’ (owner, manager or designated person with sufficient authority) has the responsibility of doing regular maintenance on all the fire equipment in and around a property. These checks should be completed on a regular basis. Sometimes there is no one available to do these periodic checks and so the client would have to turn to a private contractor. This management process is a major part of a fire bridge inspection, it is points scored as part of the audit, and whether or not there was good practice or a bad practice of the maintenance, the records can be used as evidence or against you, and could result in a means of prosecution.We can provide these weekly service checks. The list below shows all of the individual procedures that we would complete as part of the service:

  • Check to see if the alarm is in full working order
  • Inspection on extinguishers
  • Inspection on fire signs
  • Inspection on fire escape routes. This is to ensure there is no obstructions, and the passageways are clear
  • Inspection on fire exits to check for obstructions
  • Inspection on fire doors to ensure they are in full working order and are undamaged
  • Make sure exits to open air close properly and are working as they should
  • Ensure that all manual call points are working, or another detector to ensure the activation of the alarm is working
  • Inspection and activation on emergency lights
  • Inspection of exterior for signs, emergency lights, waste storage, arson prevention and obstructions
  • Log book update
  • Worksheet update with any problem or actions that need to be taken
  • Provide a quotation

If you are interested in the weekly service checks that we offer then please call us on – 01726 67372

If you would rather do the checks yourself then we can provide you with a logbook and a box to store it in. Don’t forget that we also provide services in annual and bi-annual checks on all of your fire safety equipment. 

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